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AUSFAHRT FREIBURG - Möbliertes Wohnen im kleinen Haus
Wonderful views

Not very long ago I took too little time to look at my surroundings. You live in the beautiful Breisgau area, in the Dreisam valley and near the Tuniberg, not far from the Kaiserstuhl, and too seldom do you notice what the beautiful landscape has to offer. Travelling from Freiburg through Umkirch and Waltershofen towards Merdingen the road is very steep and at the top on the left there is a small parking area, and driving on if you want to, you can drive to the vineyards.

We got out and were completely surprised how suddenly wonderful views were to be seen if you go a few hundred yards. The winding paths lead to the top of the Tuniberg and offer a good hour of possibilities to walk in the vineyards with a wonderful view of the Rhine valley, or to look down at Merdingen and at the Vosges mountains beyond the Rhine or look back to the east at the Black Forest and parts of Freiburg. We felt very near to nature. The vines let us see the season with ripe grapes; the harvest has not yet begun. Our return takes about two hours due to the many breaks resting on the well-placed benches in the direction of Waltershofen.

There you find a restaurant with a wonderful beef soup which you can enjoy sitting next to the crackling fire which has been lit in the late afternoon. We will return. If I weren’t so lazy I could imagine doing the tour by bike. The climb on the way up is well compensated by coasting down on the way back.Alf englisch