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Freiburg: Mountainbike Trails

The BEST Mountain Bike Tours and Trails in Freiburg and surroundings Kybfelsen Mountain Bike Tour The start of the mountain bike tour is the Wiehre station. From there you cycle, surrounded by the idyllic Black Forest landscape, continuously uphill, towards Kybfelsen. Downhill mountain bike track “Borderline” at the Rosskopf This mountain bike trail is not about the traffic, but how it goes down at the BEST! Mountain bike tour on Freiburg’s local mountain Schauinsland From Freiburg you start the tour via Ebnet, before the sporty ascent to our local mountain begins.

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For home dwellers and holiday guests

For holiday guests and home dwellers in the region, who are not acquainted yet with the Alamannen-Museum in Vörstetten which opened to visitors in 2009, this jewel is a very special suggestion. The open-air museum, established by the History Club of Vörstetten and its dedicated president, Prof. Dr. Helmut Köser, extends over a surface of about 4,000 square meters and displays the reconstruction of an early settlement of the Alamann tribe, dating from the 4th and 5th century A.D. The basis for the presented buildings and other arrangements are archaeological excavations which have been carried out over the last one and a half centuries on the premises of Vörstetten. The centerpiece of the reconstruction of the village is an Alamannen farmstead with adjoined barn stable, granary, workshop, oven and well. The garden, designed after concepts of Walahfrid Strabo, allows to get to know ancient species of grain and spices. A cult site indicates religious rituals of the Alamanns. The humoristic and interesting guided tour with the head of the museum, Helmut Köser, is a special experience for young and old.

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Mundenhof – the almost – Umkirch zoological park

If you are staying in or near Umkirch for a couple of days, you should find time and leisure for a quick discovery of Freiburg’s zoo, called the Mundenhof. A little stroll from Umkirch along the Mühlenbach and along some football and tennis courts, following the Mundenhofer Weg, you’ll soon reach a pedestrian and cyclist bridge arching over the Motorway  A5. A couple of hundred meters further, you will find yourself in front of the paddock and the cute meerkats. Sadly, the last brown bear died two years ago and his empty stone enclosure is a sorrow sight. The ensuing walk through the expansive paths, however, is a pleasure full of vitality and explorations. Young families from Freiburg and their children fill the pathways along the stables and compounds, which accommodate more than 300 pets and animals, including several exotic species from all over the world. Children and adults alike enjoy the joyful play of gibbons or timidly observe the owls in the trees of the park. Bisons and various species of pigs exude a special atmosphere and make Nature an experience full of sensual delight. It seems as though some of the young parents had their first encounters with […]

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When it purls, you taste the South: Freiburg’s streams lap around its visitors

Travelling from Umkirch to the „Breisgau Metropolis“ Freiburg, you will get to Paduaallee with buses 31 or 32, then take tramway 1 to reach the city centre at the Bertoldsbrunnen after about 20 minutes. By car this takes less than 10 min, but parking in the city centre isn’t easy. We therefore prefer taking bus or tramway, plunging right into the busy streets of a small city and rejoicing the hurly-burly. Connoisseurs of Freiburg rarely step into one of the numerous streams, the Bächle, which decorate the inner city as a sort of special sight, purling joyfully almost throughout the year. When Pope Benedikt XVI. came to Freiburg in 2011, the former chancellor Kohl’s wife drove into a Bächle before an audience. The vehicle was repaired, though, and fit for the former chancellor’s return home. A common saying in Freiburg predicts that those who step into one of the Bächle will marry a Freiburg-born citizen. However, former chancellor Schröder did so during the German-French summit with Chirac in July 2001 while on his way to the Townhall, without such familial consequences. The Bächle were first mentioned in history in 1220 and supposedly served as water supply. The accessible cisterns had […]

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The three Magi

The three Magi visit us and issue the blessing of God. It accompany all people, who are living in house Hannah and house Pia during the year 2016.

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An Englisch Garden

A two hour walk Going along the B 31 West from Freiburg using the exit “March” or in a few minutes from Umkirch you reach Hugstetten, a part of the town of March. What takes us there? This unpretentious town contains a true jewel – the English Garden of Hugstetten. When you have found a parking place for your car, maybe in front of the town hall with its magnificent facade, you can walk back in the direction of the Dorfstrasse and there find the old local jail, which you can recognize by a sign. To the right of the town hall walk towards the Protestant church, which was the Catholic church St. Gallus until the sixties. Because it was too small, the Catholics built a new church and the Protestants took over the time-honoured building and now call it Martin Luther Church. If the church is open, it is worthwhile having a look at the modern inner renovation. From here you can follow the yellow rhombus on the sign “Marschhügelpfad” (marsh hill path). After a few steps, you arrive at a pleasant square. Here on one side you find the old bakehouse, which is occasionally used by a local […]

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Wonderful views

Not very long ago I took too little time to look at my surroundings. You live in the beautiful Breisgau area, in the Dreisam valley and near the Tuniberg, not far from the Kaiserstuhl, and too seldom do you notice what the beautiful landscape has to offer. Travelling from Freiburg through Umkirch and Waltershofen towards Merdingen the road is very steep and at the top on the left there is a small parking area, and driving on if you want to, you can drive to the vineyards. We got out and were completely surprised how suddenly wonderful views were to be seen if you go a few hundred yards. The winding paths lead to the top of the Tuniberg and offer a good hour of possibilities to walk in the vineyards with a wonderful view of the Rhine valley, or to look down at Merdingen and at the Vosges mountains beyond the Rhine or look back to the east at the Black Forest and parts of Freiburg. We felt very near to nature. The vines let us see the season with ripe grapes; the harvest has not yet begun. Our return takes about two hours due to the many breaks […]

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