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For home dwellers and holiday guests
For home dwellers and holiday guests

For holiday guests and home dwellers in the region, who are not acquainted yet with the Alamannen-Museum in Vörstetten which opened to visitors in 2009, this jewel is a very special suggestion. The open-air museum, established by the History Club of Vörstetten and its dedicated president, Prof. Dr. Helmut Köser, extends over a surface of about 4,000 square meters and displays the reconstruction of an early settlement of the Alamann tribe, dating from the 4th and 5th century A.D. koeserThe basis for the presented buildings and other arrangements are archaeological excavations which have been carried out over the last one and a half centuries on the premises of Vörstetten. The centerpiece of the reconstruction of the village is an Alamannen farmstead with adjoined barn stable, granary, workshop, oven and well. The garden, designed after concepts of Walahfrid Strabo, allows to get to know ancient species of grain and spices. A cult site indicates religious rituals of the Alamanns. The humoristic and interesting guided tour with the head of the museum, Helmut Köser, is a special experience for young and old.

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