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Mundenhof – the almost – Umkirch zoological park

If you are staying in or near Umkirch for a couple of days, you should find time and leisure for a quick discovery of Freiburg’s zoo, called the Mundenhof. A little stroll from Umkirch along the Mühlenbach and along some football and tennis courts, following the Mundenhofer Weg, you’ll soon reach a pedestrian and cyclist bridge arching over the Motorway  A5. A couple of hundred meters further, you will find yourself in front of the paddock and the cute meerkats.

Sadly, the last brown bear died two years ago and his empty stone enclosure is a sorrow sight. The ensuing walk through the expansive paths, however, is a pleasure full of vitality and explorations. Young families from Freiburg and their children fill the pathways along the stables and compounds, which accommodate more than 300 pets and animals, including several exotic species from all over the world.

Children and adults alike enjoy the joyful play of gibbons or timidly observe the owls in the trees of the park. Bisons and various species of pigs exude a special atmosphere and make Nature an experience full of sensual delight. It seems as though some of the young parents had their first encounters with fauna right here as well. The natural-education project KonTiKi belongs to the Mundenhof just as playgrounds, catering and quite some sights from agriculture, like an ancient threshing machine.

Over the seasons, the Mundenhof offers a variety of special events, be it for Christmas or Halloween. The aquarium with it exotic fish and a terrarium is extraordinarily attractive. There is no entrance fee for the Mundenhof if you come on foot from Umkirch or by bike. Only for motorists parking costs 5€, which will be invested in park maintenance.The park is open to the public 365 days a year and accessible at all times. It comprises a surface of 38 hectares – enough space for lots of leisure near nature in the open air.

A footnote for those from Umkirch and their guests: The area of the Mundenhof is situated on Umkirch’s common grounds even though it belonged to the city of Freiburg. On 1 January 1978, the property was traded for a small area west of the motorway.

A visit of the Mundenhof offers plenty for eyes, nose, heart and senses to experience nature in its full and it is a pleasure any time of the year,

according to its true supporter

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